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Ambiguous question. depends on your skills and the profile of your next products.

  • Jekyll - based on ruby, used by Github
  • Hugo, Gatsby, Hexo #impressive newcomers. Gatsby requires basic React / GraphQl knowledge.
  • Gridsome - the Vue.js cousin of Gatsby, not so mature, the SEO score provided out of the box barely hit 80. A few starters are available. Also based on GraphQl.
  • Vuepress - mature product, personally I don't have a good opinion about the support. A few months ago the head of their main branch was broken for one month.
  • Pelican - used by Python community, nice tool but .. missing the new features offered by Gatsby, Hugo, Hexo
  • Cactus - that's a plant. Joking, never use it
  • Roots - never use it.

My personal choice is GatsbyJS for reasons listed below:

  • Use React
  • Use GraphQL, the REST architecture silent killer
  • Impressive implementation of PRPL pattern
  • The number of starters for almost any relevant frameworks: Bulma, Tailwind, Motlin, Firebase .. etc
  • You get > 90 Lighthouse score, out of the box ..

Happy Coding!

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