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Tommy Sylver
Tommy Sylver

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My name is Tommy Sylver: I am python and django user. I am from Madagascar. I am new here, really appreciate your feedback and advice.
Feel free to reach out to me if you have any question
Take care!!

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ImTheDeveloper • Edited

Welcome Tommy!

How's the job market out in Madagascar? I've never been fortunate enough to meet a developer from there. I know a few people in the surrounding areas who mainly work on remote projects.

If you're still learning, is this a career path/choice for you?

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Tommy Sylver Author

The job market ...well .. it's kinda bad here. just according to me.
I am still learning and improving my skills in this. it's a career choice.
But I am so happy to meet you.
how can I call you? your name sounds unfamiliar to me.
and you, what do you do?

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Vicente G. Reyes

Hi Tommy! Welcome to DEV!

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Tommy Sylver Author

Thank you*
how are you doing?
nice to meet you Vicente