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re: To be fair, I think it's more fun being a well-rounded person that can enjoy both watching Netflix and learning new things daily. 😀

I think it’s also helpful to look at Netflix and realize how the interface works. After all it’s a digital product/platform that many of us are trying to emulate or get inspiration from.


That's a side-effect of working in front-end engineering. Just like a game designer will question the mechanics of a game they're playing we'll often instinctively do the same for UIs.

Then again it's also healthy to disconnect from that world from time to time and enjoy Netflix for what it is: an entertainment platform, otherwise we'll become burnt out.

Yes, it's true. But it's for those who waste their time on social media. Think positive.😄

You also mention music and videos tho, doesn't it include more people than Facebook users?

Yeah ! I will take my post back(no). It's just your way to think.🙄🙄
Yes, we should also enjoy music and videos. But not more than a limit. That's my thinking.

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