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Steve Morris

I don't have a ton of ruby experience so I actually ran into what I thought was a problem installing ruby with rbenv. I just wanted to share my experience here in case others run into the same issue.

I started by installing rbenv with homebrew.

~ $ brew install rbenv

No issues, cool. Then I went to install the current ruby version of 2.6.1 in rbenv but it kept hanging on the following line.

~ $ rbenv install 2.6.1
ruby-build: use openssl from homebrew
Downloading ruby-2.6.1.tar.bz2...
Installing ruby-2.6.1...
ruby-build: use readline from homebrew

I kept canceling out of it thinking it was stuck but it was actually building in the background. The installer could use some work giving users some sort of visual feedback that it's actually building. I looked it up and stumbled on to a GitHub issue about it:

One of the comments mentioned that you can actually use the install -v flag when installing with rbenv to get a verbose output of the build process in your terminal. I then ran the following:

~ $ rbenv install -v 2.6.1

And no more hanging on readline! It will fill your terminal window with build logs but at least you know it's working.

Hope this helps someone!

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Andy Zhao (he/him) Author

Great tip, thanks!