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Day 6 of Python Pro Bootcamp 👨‍💻

Day 6

Course Outline:

Defining and Calling Python Functions:

Functions are block of codes, it works when called in. We create a new function by using def, anything indented under it will be performed.


It's the space before the line of code. This incdicates a set or block of codes. Python executes the indented blocks of code when the function is called later in the program.

# this how we create a new function
def bootcamp():

    # the space before the print statement is indentation
    print("Hello, Python World!")

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Hello, Python World!
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While Loops

while loops work as when some condition is true then it perfoms the loop.

i = 1
# while checks for the condition and run until it goes to FALSE
while i < 5
  i += 1
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All of today's challenges was based on Hurdle game on Reeborg's World. It gave a good idea on how function works and we can use loops and if/elif/else to do small tasks using different function.

Project: Escapting the Maze

Description: This is a game on Reboorg's World. Escaping the Maze

My Solution:

note: the above code has some bugs, has to debugged after completing a few more day's lesson.

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