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Missing in this post (for me):

  • It's now built against React 16.11 (React Native's update post also does a bad job at this)
  • Node 13 is no longer supported (expo-cli), upgrade to 14 (not that related, but important nonetheless)
  • It would be super helpful to have a list of updated native modules, as many of us were waiting for a specific fix to land. Here is the list as I use them (so not all of them) and I hope this helps someone:
module SDK 37 SDK 38
@react-native-community/masked-view 0.1.6 0.1.10
expo ~37.0.12 ^38.0.3
expo-linear-gradient ~8.1.0 ~8.2.1
expo-secure-store ~8.1.0 ~9.0.1
expo-splash-screen ^0.2.3 ~0.3.1
expo-web-browser ~8.2.1 ~8.3.1
react 16.9.0 16.11.0
react-dom 16.9.0 16.11.0
react-native-maps 0.26.1 0.27.1
react-native-reanimated ~1.7.1 ~1.9.0
react-native-safe-area-context 0.7.3 3.0.2
react-native-screens ~2.2.0 ~2.8.0
react-native-svg 11.0.1 12.1.0
react-native-webview 8.1.1 9.4.0

Additionally update your types:

module SDK 37 SDK 38
@types/react-native ~0.61.23 ~0.62.13

Why do you say node 13 is not suppprted? I looked in the repo and the engines field is set to > 6.x


Check out these lines in the expo-cli repo:

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Gotcha thanks, and good to know


As for now it is not, the most stable node is v12.18.1

No, it won't be supported, because uneven node versions never become LTS. The "less stable" (current) version of 14.x works fine with expo :)


we started leaving this list out because the blog post becomes quite long, so we link to the changelog instead. also, we update everything automatically when you run expo upgrade, except for the types.. we should add that!

other points are useful too! thank you!


Yep, expo upgrade finally worked smoothly (I had issues with 36 -> 37, 35 -> 36), so very happy with that. If this list was in the Changelog, that would work for me as well.

EDIT: expo upgrade upgraded react-native-screens to ~2.8.0, but it gave me a warning that it expected version range: ~2.9.0 - actual version installed: ~2.8.0. (expo install worked fine, just the upgrade).

The use case that's not covered if it's not listed anywhere is that quite a few times I've not added a module because there were issues with it (resolved upstream, waiting for next SDK) and I could then instantly see "ah it got bundled".


I'm just lazy ;)

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