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Discussion on: Programming gives an equal chance to everybody

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Good valid points but the scenario is not as rosy as that. Self taught technologists still have it harder than folks who went to universities and got degrees. Have seen workforce be exploited in various ways because of their non-conventional backgrounds. Equal chances exist, but the right teaching also matters. As a teacher myself I know that the structure a rigorous High school program has is not the same as a free/paid online course. But the good news is that schools/colleges around the world are recognizing the worth of Computing and creating opportunities for more people to avail into it. So in the next decade a lot more innovative things may happen with how people get trained and recruited without conventional degrees.

Food for thought though. Thank you.

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Damnjan Jovanovic Author

Hei Shashi, thanks for your feedback, and I really appreciate all the points you mentioned here. I was also a teacher for CS and I had experience, that kids/adults who were interested in the topic, usually invest their own time online to dig int it. That's how I discover that exist whole parallel universe of education online, coexisting with the traditional education system. I believe (and I guess you agree) that at one point this two universes will collide, and there would not be any diff if you got your certification in physical school or set of online courses.
I also wrote about IT education here, so please take a look if you have a time, and give me your opinion as a teacher, what do you think.