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Discussion on: Why haven't you learned how to code?

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Welcome Pat. Coding gets isolated sometimes without the bigger picture of computational thinking - which is a life skill. Being able to look at problems and break them down into smaller problems before attempting a solution is the key to most things in life. I think what schools are, fortunately, now realizing is that coding need not be "the power of the few". Just like writing and reading or even world languages, exposing kids to programming has a big impact on how they solve problems and think critically. Chances are none of them will end up in software development. Which is absolutely fine. But the overall cognitive development that takes place by working with code cant be replaced. I am happy to see Robotics, Adruinos et al making their presence in Ed. Hopefully colleges will catch up equally and ensure that people who do eventually end up in development have had a longer journey with it than most of us here.

Congrats on your first post!