re: Let's setup a VPN server, for free, on AWS, under 5 min 😱🤯🔥 VIEW POST


Cool idea! Are there bandwidth limitations?

Also note, while you're anonymous from private citizens, governments can still obtain Amazon records and associate your Amazon account with your web traffic with this solution.



But, I guess the point of this article is that you can do the same with a hard-to-associate server (like bitcoin bought one)


That's true, but there are ways to get around that now that you're in full control.


I want to set up one for my friends and family back home who live in a region with full government censorship on pretty much all social media network.
Only concern is cost. Approximately how much would that be if say 10 people use it (average use) for whatsapp, FB and twitter.

I was running the same for my family, ended up paying about $10 p/m

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