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re: I get it, and I'd like to think most qualified candidates (who have been taught to do so - an astonishing number don't even know to send a cover le...

Brilliant Mike!! It's very sad, yet quiet true about the hiring process that exists today. I can both empathize with the pain and frustration you've gone through (having been there myself) and applaud you for that fact that it has made you much stronger through the process.
Thanks for your comment. I've met a few folks who are extremely driven and explain to me in an interview what the current product offerings lack and how they can contribute to make them better. Whether that actually happens, is a different thing altogether, but that sort of conviction is what more or less seals the deal in an interview!!


I think more than anything, I just got old and crotchety. Get off my lawn!!!

Kidding. But I did learn to value myself along the way. People talk about compromise like it's a good thing. It's not. It's literally trading a value for a lesser value (or non-value). If the relationship is right (whether business, friendship, romance, etc.), there shouldn't be any compromise - just mutually beneficial exchange, playing off each other's strengths, and improving rather than exploiting each other's weaknesses.

Ok, I'll stop philosophizing now.

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