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I would even say, that you don't really need Docker at all. Just use some reasonable PaaS platform in the beginning - Heroku, Convox (my favorite), Cloud66.


The problem with PaaS is that they are not really friendly towards the local environment for development and QA.


Why not? I've used Heroku for tons of Rails apps and also for handful of SPA ones that were developed locally. :thinkingface:

The good thing about a local environment that resembles production to the maximum extent possible is that you are integrating and facing problems that will not be faced in prod. PaaS services just reduce the length of similarity between your environment and the one your app will run on when your clients use it.

Ok. Now I see your point and agreed with it. Giving a second thought to the apps I've deployed to Heroku, they're small ones or in their initial stages. Once they get to be used by real users, they're moved to AWS or Linode.


They also don't consume gigabytes of memory, like docker client does on my Mac machine.

I also don't really need a resemblence with production environment on my local machine, if my architecture is simple enough.

More then that, if system becomes complicated - there is declarative NixOS.

All good points.

Just worth clarifying:

  • Docker itself is not that resource intensive. I have Docker running on Raspberry Pi Zero (512mb ram + single 1ghz arm cpu) hosting a few small home automation projects without a problem. The resource consumption on macos and Windows comes from the virtual machine that Docker manages to host the Docker daemon.
  • Even for small/simple product architecture, you can benefit from Docker in the development workflow, even if your whole architecture is a web app + database.
  • Kubernetes developer tooling is getting better. Now, there are tools that allow you provision lightweight Kubernetes clusters locally (in VMs, or in containers, or directly on Linux hosts)

But, I agree. With all that, you may not need Kubernetes.

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