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Discussion on: Working in Japan: Myths, Realities, Salary, Culture (By A Software Engineer)

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Mika Chiusiwa

Thanks so much for your answer Rob. On a different note I've finally entered Japan(1 week now) and although I will be teaching dream is still to become a software engineer and I want to do it within 1 year. This is the curriculum I plan on following : Its extremely project oriented and has a really helpful community.

I can communicate in Japanese well enough not to get completely stuck but I'm polishing my Japanese as much as I can and am currently trying to read technical material in Japanese.

Although I've said it before, I really appreciate all the information you put up here.

Wish me luck. Once I get my first job, you bet I'm gonna let you know because you've been an incredible inspiration!!! See you in a year, Rob.

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Rob Sherling Author • Edited on

Of course - keep me informed!

I did the odin project when I was switching to web dev. I learned ruby that way.

Let me know how it works for you, too!

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