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Thanks Carlos, I really apprecciate the advice you give us. Let me also add codewars.com, I think that's one of the best sites to improve your knowledge of different languages. And I recommend Python as a language to do the coding tests, it's probably the best given its concise sintax (less time typing, more time to think).

A good roadmap would be something like:

  • Become proficient with a language (Python is a very good option) using Codewars
  • Become an expert in Algorithms and Data Structures using Leetcode and/or Hackerrank (Codewars will also help you with that though)

I also reccommend Project Euler if you want to improve with math problems, that sometimes you get.


Thanks for the recommendation. I'll definitely start recommending codewars for this purpose.

+1 for Python and Project Euler too!

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