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re: I just realized (and this isn't aimed at any particular person here), but I think that from a psychological perspective, one reason people seem to ...

Yes. Emphasis on adding value. Repeating code in English (or another human language) is one of my pet peeves, but if it adds value, then I'm for that.

Precisely! Intent-comments only work if they add value: a clear expression of the intention apart from the code itself.

That's one of the major reasons I wrote the standard: to differentiate between junk comments and useful ones, and to encourage the latter.

+1 for mention of Mel

I feel my future self will disown any gratuitous 'cleverness', so for me personally, a comment on some clever code is more likely to be an admission to Future Self of being too much clever, and not enough smart :-)

Also, it's a little like explaining the punch line of a joke. One either feels that the joke has failed, or else being condescending to explain it. Another form of imposter syndrome

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