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So, one needs to remove some of their projects from CV and casually mention them during an interview to be a more desirable candidate?

It seems like everyone wants rock-star-hacker-ninjas developers these days. They are rare.


I think his point may be that your knowledge extends even beyond what's on your CV. 🤔


We are talking about projects done on your own time for your own enjoyment, projects which don't usually make it to the CV.

The article was not really intended as a definitive checklist anyway. But I've covered in other articles how as an employer practical demonstrable evidence of competence is better than a few lines on a CV.

This is less about wanting a rock star and more about wanting to work with people who have a genuine pride and passion for what they do. In my experience this is the difference between adequate and amazing.

However, individual characteristics are only part of the picture. Good people can have their spirit crushed, so as employers we are challenged to create teams that are enjoyable, challenging, fun and fulfilling.

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