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Partial Payment Magento Extension by FME

Partial payment Magento extension by FME enables you to create layaway plans in your e-store in order to sell your products in easy installments. Configure the down payment to avail the installment facility and set the number of installments and interval. Customer can buy products by paying the down payment and pay remaining payment in easy installments according to the pre-configured settings.


  • Enable / Disable Layaway for All Products
  • Configure Layaway & Installment plans
  • Define total number of Installments & interval
  • Configure Global or individual layaway for each product
  • Limit Partial Payment option to a product
  • Add layaway fees in fix or percentage

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Demo Images:

magento layaway
magento layaway

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Fayyaz Khattak

This is such a handy extension. Great work by FME. Your extensions always impress me, and I must say that you are one of the recommended extension providers for Magento.