Layaway | Magento 2 Partial Payment Extension

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Layaway Magento 2 Partial Payment

Magento 2 layaway, partial payment extension by FME allows you to sell products in easy installments. You can create global or product specific layaway plans, configure down payment, number of installment and installment period. With this Magento 2 partial payment extension, you can charge a layaway fee on each product or whole order in order to generate more revenue. Customers can review all the layaway orders in their account layaway orders section.

  • Sell products in easy installment
  • Product specific & Global layaway plans
  • Layaway Fee per product or per order
  • Configure layaway deposit (fixed/percentage)
  • Select payment methods
  • Customize layaway labels

More details & product demo - Magento 2 Partial Payment


Layaway magento 2 partial payment
Layaway magento 2 partial payment
Layaway magento 2 partial payment

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