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re: Am a Cameroonian software developer, Ask Me Anything! VIEW POST

re: Hello Adonis, I'm curious about the start up scene in Cameroon. Are there many start ups? Is it easy to launch a start up? What types of technologi...

hello @Doaa,

Are there many start ups?

There is a lot of startup here in Cameroon, most of them a really small, but there is a myriad of scope covered by them, from gaming to fintech, ecommerce, messaging etc...

Is it easy to launch a start up?

It is not that sooo easy to launch, am talking about stuff like obtaining investments most of the time, and the consequence is the startup don't do communications and marketing stuff a lot, so many of them can remain unknown.

What types of technologies do they use the most?

On the tech stack, from what i know the most used here is PHP/JS with frameworks like : Laravel/Angular|Vue|React , also Java/Spring (and it's ecosystem) now there is some who use Python but most of these last one use it for security or enterprises Software (ERP) like Odoo. Actually Flutter and Kotlin is getting wildly used for mobile app development. For infrastructure stuff they use platfoms like AWS, Heroku, Oracle Cloud, GCP, MS Azure and those who are used by others folk in others contry. There is also a lot of them working in the IoT domain, USSD, Mobile Money.

what is a typical work day like for you?

For me, actually am a freelancer and most of my time (which start at 06:00 AM) i do development stuff, and then i have to meet clients (if needed) . But in general companies use to start working a 7:30 AM and end up at 6:00 PM and the work is from Monday to Saturday(half day), with a break of 1 hour mostly.

In fact the country has too official language EN/FR and the EN part count more tech startup than the rest of the country (it represent 20% of the whole country), there is a place there called silicon montain, it is like silicon valley with a lot of tech companies and students.

Hope i gave you a lot of informations if you need to know more just ask.


Thank you so much for the detailed answer!
Is the 7:30 AM to 6 PM work day usual? It seems a lot! Here in the UAE 9 hour days are the norm for private companies, usually from 9 to 6.

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