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There are also some very good tools within the Python/Django world. Like, shuup, saleor, oscar. They are very mature and powerful.


Oscar I built to be extensible and customizable.

Shuup: bring you some well working process like multi vendor websites

Saleor: it use some mature tech like GraphQL


Thank you Adonis for providing with the above information. Will surely look into those too.


I want to choose one. Should I go with mezannine cartridge or Oscar or Shuup . Please reply


Sorry for the late reply.

I will say it depends on what you try to build but I think one of those tree will be enough.

Shuup will be great as it doesn't record such a lot of work, at least compared to Oscar, but both resolve different aspects of the e-commerce website.

If you can clarify what kind of website you try to build I may be able to give you more details and guideline to help you make a choice.

Thanks a lot for replying. I am looking forward to build a furniture e-commerce which will allow users to :

a.) Select products from catalogue, add to cart and checkout.
b.) Select combination of products, for example , there can be a living room section & a kids room section on the catalogue on the ui. the user can choose from both the sections, color variants of the products & add them to cart for checkout & pay . They can also use coupon codes as well.

I am considering Django Oscar , i have never tried it but know Django quite well.

Can you suggest any reading material which you think can help in understanding the components & parts of e-commerce in some better ways. I am using google to understand it .

Sorry for this late reponse too. I don't get any notification i guess from


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