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re: My goal is the carrot-on-a-stick kind - I strive to overcome my Imposter syndrome by learning more. The thing is - I know that I can never defeat m...

Hi you want to overcome you imposter syndrome by learning more ? hhuummm i don't really think it is a very good approach, even if you learn the whole web or the whole software industry knowledge, you will still feel as an imposter, you said:

I know that I can never defeat my imposter sydrome that way as it is an integral part of being human and being in an industry

so i think you can defeat it by doing another activity like teaching what you already know to others, it can be by blogging or whatever you want, but just try share you knowledge. I think it is the most good way to defeat this syndrome. It can be even by wotking on opensource projects with other folks. ;-)

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