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Discussion on: How to impress your boss AND earn major karma points

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Simon Goellner

Thanks for raising this awareness! :)
I too have an chronic illness, but luckily it's in remission right now. But there's always a dark thought in my mind; "what if things go badly" ... most chronic illnesses can be triggered by stress/anxiety so having these thoughts looming over can actually bring about the problem.

I personally have a huge preference for evening/night work as it suits my mood/fatigue and I find that different days I can be much more productive at different times. It's sporadic. When I was suffering a few years back I found that I might arrive at work and then be crippled by pain/nausea for a few hours. But if I could have rested for a bit, I could then begin later, for longer.

I hope raising awareness like this can help those who are able to do excellent work, and work hard... but not at the same regularity of others.

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Blaine Osepchuk Author

Thanks for your thoughts, Simon.

I didn't mention it explicitly but, of course, there are tons of developers with chronic illnesses as well.

Yes, stress and "what-ifs" are always hanging over our heads. Unlike many things in life, your health can always get worse when you're dealing with a chronic illness.