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I use 4 computers surprisingly on a daily basis.
1) i7 gaming desktop, 2060 Super, 32gb ram, 2.5 tb storage.
I use this for everything, right now i'm hosting a database server, running a vm, statistical software, and of course games. I just use a 27 inch monitor for it and it unfortunately runs windows 10.

2) i5 dell inpiron desktop, 1060 ti, 8gb ram and 1tb spinning disk.
I use this as a media server, Im currently taking a film class and having a media server is better than watching films on a computer monitor. Also use for some gaming in the living room and as a backup if my desktop goes down. May use as a database server in the future since it does not consume a lot of power I just need to get a better hard drive.

3) Apple macbook pro 13 2016 non touch bar.
Used mostly like a chromebook not much power, but for notes and light coding it is perfectly fine as it weighs almost nothing. Battery life is insane on this device.

4) Apple macbook pro 15 2018.
Use for everything when I can not go to my desktop, I have bad internet connection so I was using my 13 inch connected to my desktop via rdp but it was way too slow so I use the 15 inch for programming, statistical software, vhdl, and some photo editing.

I like apples notebooks but find their desktops either useless or just way too expensive. My desktop was almost half the price to build as an imac and more powerful, the mac mini is well priced but since its only integrated graphics you might as well just use a laptop or build your own desktop.

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