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Hi there! I'm SilvenLEAF, a Fullstack Dev (MERN). Born on 31st Dec, 2001.

How did I end up into CODING?

I was a DIE HARD FAN of Chinese Dramas and was mesmerized by coding after watching 2 of my MOST Favorite Chinese Dramas. "Love020" and "Go Go Squid".

On Jan 5th, 2020 morning, I literally googled, "What is programming?", "How to learn Programming?"...etc. Then I fell in LOVE with it. I wrote my very first line of code "HELLO WORLD". I FELL IN LOVE with JavaScript and its SUPERPOWERS.

By this and that, time flew on. Finally the day was here!!!

Journey BEGINS

On April 1st 2020, I took coding super seriously. I created my Github account. And FINALLY began learning to code SERIOUSLY. Little by little, One step at a time, I kept on walking forth. Time flew on. Many things came, but I NEVER GAVE UP, Not even a single day!

Learning one step at a time, enjoying the beautiful journey.

Gives me thrills

Journey began on April 1st, 2020. Now when I look back, it gives me thrills. Who knew, the me who literally googled "What is Coding?" on Jan 5th, would end up into coding like this?

Coding is amazing. To me, the best investment I ever made on my entire life, without a doubt, it's LEARNING TO CODE.


  • Take one step at a time, no matter how slow you walk, NEVER STOP, NEVER GIVE UP
  • Yes, coding is hard, but NOT impossible.
  • You do not need to come from CS or Programming background
  • All you need is "I want to learn" and that's all
  • Also it does NOT matter what language you choose.
  • Just choose what you LOVE
  • No language is dead
  • The skills are transferable. If you learn one, shifting to another is not that hard
  • Programming is not about "I NEED to learn" but "I WANT TO LEARN"
  • Languages are tools, NOT a religion
  • Keep on! You can do it!
  • Age does not matter! 9 years or 90 years. If you want it, GO for it.

BEST WISHES from this burgeoning Dev! Tell me your story of how you ended up into coding.

If you have any question

If you have any question or if you are stuck, feel free to contact me.

You can also connect me on Twitter (My twitter handle is @silvenleaf ).

If you wanna know more about me, this is my portfolio website

I'd LOVE to be your friend, feel FREE to reach out to me!

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