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Discussion on: What degree will be the most useful for Frontend developer who goes to college?

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Maksim Gorodov Author

Could you tell more about this college and Toronto in general? I'm still choosing the province, city and college so I wouldn't mind to hear feedback from somebody who lives there. I'm interested literally in anything that can come to your mind

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Timothy Fosteman

There is one thing is to be said: Seneca College is about international students. You can learn the best aspects from each culture, and the worst, if not considerate...
Being a decent english speaker will render null while studying in there, everyone just utilizes simplest language possible (professors too!) So be aware of this, if your listening\narrating skills are valuable to you - better choose less open (smaller) college, like GeorgeBrown.

Toronto itself is a remarkable, loud, dirty, and nowadays foggy (pun intended), city, I get along with downtown quite easily, living uptown. Nevertheless commute during rush hours (which is essentially any time you go out, if you are not a night owl) takes more than an hour.
Rent prices are reasonable, a sturdy and clean basement CAN be found (renovation infrastructure for owners is bona fide).
Startups downtown appear and disappear on job boards daily, hence finding an internship is a pleasant Career Development experience with business communications and interviews is assured.

I am enjoying this place, people, education, life.
Wu Wei

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Maksim Gorodov Author

Thanks for the information! ^