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Discussion on: ✨ Announcing Open Monetization Wallet - my GFTW Hackathon project

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Kristian Freeman Author

By the way, I noticed in @ben 's announcement post for the hackathon that is experimenting with adding payment pointer support for users on the site. This is a great companion project to that – you can point your account to your Open Monetization Wallet URL! I'll keep an eye out for that work to land on and write a tutorial for using OMW with it when it launches 👍

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Ben Halpern


We're just about to ship the first part, which is just the "site-wide" pointer.

Implement web-monetization/payment pointer #6345

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This is the first step in implementing web monetization.

Web monetization is a protocol which allows websites to accept micro-payments to any page with the payment pointer meta tag. It's not yet standard, but through Grant for the Web, there will be lots of experimentation with this and we're getting involved ourselves.

For anyone that does not have a payment-enabled browser (or browser extension for now), this is just a meta tag that doesn't do anything at all. For anyone that does have payments activated, they'll start streaming tiny amounts of payment into our wallet.

This is the first step just to experiment for the site, but if it's all technically straightforward, we'll soon be adding the ability for authors to plop their payment pointers onto their content to get paid directly with no intervention from us.

This is all lightweight experimentation from us. As you can see from the size of this PR, it's not a huge technical commitment on our part, but if the ecosystem takes off, it will be fun to see what we might do. We'll definitely be following projects like this.

For other live communities looking to implement payment pointer wallets, it's pretty complicated to get going at the moment, so we'd advise to not bother as of yet because earnings will be fairly minuscule early on. The process will be much more straightforward if/when the ecosystem matures and you won't miss out on much while we experiment. Get in touch with us if you're curious about how you might leverage this on your platform in the future.

Next up once we see how this works in prod is the ability for users to add their pointers in their settings which will then be displayed instead of the site's pointer.

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Kristian Freeman Author

Awesome! I'll look forward to that user-specific one shipping! By the way @ben , while you're here, is there anything I should do with this post to make it a proper submission for the hackathon? I noticed there was a submission template, it looks like this post covers a submission, but it's not in the exact format. Is that OK or should I add a new explicit "Submission" section at the bottom?