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Top 5 frontend Frameworks

New beginnings, new plans, new projects, and new technologies. Everything is ever-evolving. Technology and frameworks in the field of web development are also changing. One needs to cope with the new trends to stand strong against the competition.

There are many frameworks and tools available in the universe of web development that have their own set of features. With so many options available at disposal, one needs to make choices, choices that matter and will definitely play as a mirror of your work done. There are many factors that play a crucial role in deciding the framework to be used. But the main aspect behind picking the one framework is the project requirement.
Here is the list of 5 top most popular web frameworks-

React is the most popular front-end framework that has been ruling the minds of web developers since 2013. Originally created by Facebook, slowly almost all the tech giants have either switched or made their new projects in React js.
Hire React js developers to build some outstanding user interfaces that promise speed, performance, and flexibility. The most prominent feature that makes it stand out is that it helps create reusable components. As such the code is easy to maintain. It is an open-source and cross-platform framework widely used by web developers globally.

Angular was developed in 2009 and is maintained by Google. The brand name is just enough to give Angular the importance that it truly deserves. Angular uses typescript and javascript and is the most widely used framework for developing single-page applications.
Angular is used by tech giants like eBay and Airbnb as it promises scalability. At the same time, it promises high performance with faster Testing and Debugging features. Angular development company makes use of built-in tools like Angular CLI, Karma, or Jasmine to run tests in development mode thus promising reliability.

Vue Js
One of the most popular javascript frameworks, Vue js was first released in 2014. It is a Progressive JavaScript Framework and hence one does not need anything else than it to develop a web app. It is also an open-source framework that offers scalability and reliability. Vue js offers rapid development and can be used with the basic knowledge of Html, CSS, and javascript. Vue js independently supports all and possesses all the capabilities of powering everything from a simple SaaS app to an entire e-commerce storefront.

Svelte was created by Rich Harris in 2017 and is still considered to be in its early stages of development. It helps build some high-performing user interfaces. Svelte is known for making web apps 10x faster than React or Angular. It makes use of a custom JavaScript Virtual Machine that works splendidly for building user interfaces.

Preact is also known as a 3kb React alternative. It offers the same functionalities as React js but certainly in a small package. Introduced in 2014 by Jason Miller, Preact is used for web development, iOS, and Android as it offers cross-platform web functionalities. Preact works on the same principle as React by leveraging the best of virtual DOM and server-side rendering. Preact is a web framework that promises high performance with a small file size, weighing in at just 3 KB. Thus making websites and web apps load quickly with efficiency and speed.

Wrapping up
Front-end frameworks are the reflective face of web apps. They must exhibit properties of scalability, ease of use, cross-platform application, and performance reliability.

The above-mentioned 5 frameworks are the most trending front-end frameworks that offer the best of feature sets. Get the expert consultation of Vuejs development company, Angular development company, React development company, or web development company to get precise and relevant suggestions for your project.

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