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Let me share an example using async generators that I recently implemented.

tl;dr: async generators for streaming

I had to find all people who have commented on issues at a particular GitHub repo. GitHub's rest API provides us with an endpoint that can list issue comments. With each page having a few results, in order to find all the commentors, we have to traverse all the pages. Now we can do this in a single run, and then show user the results, which will take really really long time of user seeing nothing (on a repo with 250 pages, it took 5-6 min). What can be better for user experience is to keep emitting unique commentors as we find them, hence creating a streamed output so user knows things are really in progress and not broken.

You can find the code for this at: github.com/sidvishnoi/respec-githu... and github.com/sidvishnoi/respec-githu...

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