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Discussion on: How to create a type for complex JSON object in TypeScript?

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Come now, both of you. Just because you DO type your code doesn't mean you necessarily increase it's quality, and just because you DON'T type your code doesn't mean you're saving yourself from extra work.

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Piotr Lewandowski

I don't type all of my code (as in not in every project I work on), but when I have the opportunity to use TS it definitely helps me to catch errors earlier. So yeah, I'd say it does help to increase quality, especially when you work in a team, TS helps to keep consistency on the codebase. Also refactoring: so much easier with TS!
Disclaimer: I still sometimes swear at TS because I'm still learning it :) Just this week I invented at least 5 new swearwords in at least 2 languages I speak ;)