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DuckDuckGo - The Search Engine for the Developers

Definitly! I use it all th time

Implement Protected Routes in NextJS

No, verifyToken is a function, that you would implement to ve...

Implement Protected Routes in NextJS

Glad it saved you! yes those flashed are actually the useEffe...

Implement Protected Routes in NextJS

Hey, glad the article helped you. At the time of writing it, ...

Implement Protected Routes in NextJS

Glad it helped!

Implement Protected Routes in NextJS

I havent tried but thanks for notifying

Implement Protected Routes in NextJS

yes, that was a mistake. Thanks for notifying it, I'll fix it

Implement Protected Routes in NextJS

Thank you Kevin! Glad it helped you

5 Awesome Web Browsers For Developers

Checkout "Responsively App", its similar to Polypane but free...

VS Code on my Phone (How I did it)

True, but this method of hosting server on PC can help you ed...

How I Replaced Google Analytics With a Private, Open-Source & Self-Hosted Alternative

Even I use it for my Portfolio. Its clean, simple and provide...

VS Code Stories - New Extension

I saw this on his Twitter, downloaded right away!

How to Build a React Native App in 2021 📱(Part I)

Bold of you to assume that we'll be entering 2021.

How many email addresses do you use?

I use two. One for main account. Other gmail for try stuff th...

Prettier Autoformat for TypeScript not Working

Are you sure .tx is Typescript and not .ts ?

Self-hosted analytics with umami on Vercel

Hey! What do you mean by custom events? If I am not wrong I ...

Hey Guys Please review my website. I need some honest feedback.

It looks good. Add some padding, margins and edit the dummy t...

What is your current browser for personal use? Pro and cons?

Brave and Tor on mobile Firefox, Brave and Tor on PC.

Use JavaScript to prepare for coding interviews?

I am in my final year too! With specialization in react. I ha...

What's that piece of code that you have to Google *every time*?

Javascript slice, splice, substr, substring, str

How do you manage passwords?

Bitwarden - free, opensource, gets the job done

40+ High-Quality Free Resources for Web Development

You can try TabNine too.

hello glitch {.com}; This is my Portfolio

Your app doesn't wake up :( You can switch to Heroku, it slee...

Express not reached

Can you share the code?