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Portfolio With Vue js

Hello Guys today i want to show you my portfolio which i created while learning Vue JS.

Here is the link for the portfolio

Please do check it and tell me in the comment section if there can be any type of improvement related to design can be made.

^^You can help me by some donation at the link below Thank you👇👇 ^^
☕ --> <--

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Latest comments (2)

vdleije profile image
Jeffrey vd Leije

I checked your portfolio website and it looks nice. I love the color scheme on the front-page. Two things you might want to "fix":

  1. Change the default favicon; it shows the V now
  2. On ultra wide screens the picture of you overlaps the text banner. Seems like you are missing some "max-width" property there. Preview:

(I'm not a huge fan of many animated items on a website, but that's just my bad taste)

shubhamtiwari909 profile image
Mysterio Author

Thank you for the correction i will fix it

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