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Discussion on: The Case Against Pull Requests (And How to Fix Them)

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Shubham Jain Author

The implementation may vary but the idea is there is temporary space where your commit is stored, and it's cherry-picked on the target branch when it's approved. This is very similar to how gerrit works. Commits can only be merged in the target branch once it has been reviewed.

The tool I am talking about can probably send a diff to a third party service or can create a temporary branch for your commit. . That'll be an abstraction.

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Nathan Johnson

We use Gerrit where I work, and I generally like it. The UI is tolerable with the newer beta design :)

The issue I have with it is that it only allows single commits to be reviewed. I find this to be limiting, as it requires one to amend a commit to address code review feedback. You also lose all the history of the changes in git. Gerrit does store the history of a review as patchsets whenever you push the amended commit with the same Change-Id and provides diffs which is nice, but this history is not stored in git itself (afaik).