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What is React-Redux ?

Predictable state container

  • Redux is a predictable state container for JavaScript apps
  • Helps you write apps that behaves consistently, run in different environments, and are easy to test.
  • Offers live code editing combined with a time traveling debugger.
  • Can be use with React, angular , or any other view library.
  • Redux is tiny(roughly 2kb), but has a large ecosystem of addons available.

Central store

  • With Redux, application state is kept in a store, from which any component can access any state it needs
  • State is kept in a single place, improving predictability and traceability
  • In React, for example, state has to live in the parent component to share data among siblings
  • And so, sharing state between components that are far away from each other is hard state will have to be lifted until a common ancestor is found
  • Redux solves this issue by providing a central store holding the entire application state

Features of Redux

  • Predictable - Redux helps you write apps that behave consistently
  • Centralized application state and logic enables powerful capabilities, such as undo/redo, state persistence, etc.
  • Debuggable - Redux DevTools make it easy to trace state, changes
  • Time-travel debugging is also possible
  • Flexible - Redux works with any UI layer
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