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Akshat Sharma
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Scalable Open Source Tech Stack...

The software engineering world is changing at a rapid pace.

The idea is simple - Bring customers, giving them space to explore & finally call to action.

Why technology matters?
Battle in the technology space is on who can do this at scale, at scale means, something like handling "Cyber Monday" without warning/readiness.

Always remember, great things are done by great people

Building Developers Ecosystem:
To build a great technology base, we should spend a lot of time in culture & communication. And with the growing powers of open source community, the technologists are penetrating almost every available space possible to automate. We really invest a lot of time in this area, and yes we are hiring.
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Take a break here if you are not at all familiar with Software Development. In the next self explanatory section, am introducing the open-source tools/tech for building modern web.

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Automation Testing:
Alt Text

Data Processing:
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PS: Most of tools/tech are based on my hands-on experience. The three dots on the title is self explanatory that this will continue to advance rapidly. Feel free to DM me or write in comment if any addition/modification can help community.

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Victor Hugo Avelar

Hi Akshat, in your backend section you have the devops image tech tree, just FYI. Nice post for providing a general overview.

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Akshat Sharma Author

Corrected. Thanks @victor

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Where is C#/ .NET?