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You should have a newsletter platform to make $$$$

The fastest way to develop and run your newsletter platform.

Under the Hood

Let’s begin with the picture, I’ve started writing and I thought that it will make money for me. I’ve started a website and thought it would give me money.

Nothing works as expected but that doesn’t mean website and writing won’t make you rich. Well, it certainly will and here is the reason why.

Website & Writing Online

You make money in only 2 ways

  1. Solving the problem
  2. Adding value If nothing is served shut down your website, it won’t work anymore. Harsh but reality, bitter but a truth.

Understand that website doesn’t make money the product will make money, and the service will give you money.

If you are running a website then solve the problem and try to generate money or if you are providing service collecting data and advertisement is the way to make money.

Let’s stick to your writing platform, so far I found that only certain ways are available to make money and those ways are as follows-

  1. Advertisements
  2. Google ads
  3. Sponsors
  4. Subscribers
  5. Selling digital products

Email is the data and Data is the new OIL
But if we think deeper about how to make money from just a website we have 5 things in the frame.

Now think deeper —

  1. Why people will advertise on your website?
  2. Why people will sponsor your website?
  3. Why people will buy your products?
  4. When we have traffic or users, people will advertise, google ads will generate more money and more people will buy digital products.
  5. Now what is traffic, traffic is not daily active users, it’s more about the total user data your website holds.

Precisely it’s about how many users your website has, and how many user email IDs you have.

Recent studies have suggested that direct email has more than 200% of conversion chances. If you email your digital product directly to the user instead of selling products on the website the chances to sell are higher in the former one.

Medium/Substack/Gumroad all provide writers/users with the email ids collection.

Why they did this it’s simple so that you can use those emails, those are your money stored online.

The newsletter is the Key

Since we have understood emails are important, we need to understand newsletters play a very good role in making money.

Imagine you have 1000 users as subscribers, now you just have to sell one third-party product or your own product to 10 people for 10$ each and with just one click you will end up making 100$.

100$ is a small number but multiply it by 10 when you grow exponentially. Most of the newsletter platforms are doing this SHIT, they don’t have a website and they just collect people's email ids, and email them once a day or once a week.

For example, I’ve subscribed to this TLDR newsletter that provides tech news every day.

Every email has some new sponsor or new product promoted on their email. I am sure they are generating a huge amount of money from it.

An email will eventually become a new trusted way to convert a user into a customer.

Direct email creates impact, builds trust, no spam fear and nothing to worry about from the users' perspective.

How to start

2 ways to start your own newsletter -

Develop one on your own
Hire someone to develop for you
If you are a former one, I have this product for you, called Newsletter Starter Kit.

If you later, need to hire a developer or you can email me and I’ll try to get you a developer or if I’ve time I’ll do it on my own.

Newsletter Starter Kit

This is for developers, this started kit will give you the following things

Home page to show your preview emails and Subscribe form
Admin page to write emails using an in-built custom editor
Once you get the repository, you literally have to do nothing.

How to start your newsletter instantly

Get the repository

  • Change the database config in the next.config.js file and add your Firebase config from the Firebase console.
  • Go to the admin page and write and publish your email using the editor.
  • Every time you want to write an email, directly open the admin page and start writing and posting the email. But to post the email to all subscribers you need to use third-party or SMTP support.

You can use Sendbird or Mailchimp or Nodemailer and so on and add your own API to send emails.

Rest all things are taken care of from responsiveness to dark/white theme to email validation etc.

Demo of the Newsletter Starter Kit repository

A glimpse of the repository

Image description


  1. You can test the product directly via email
  2. You can promote our product directly via email
  3. You can make sales directly via email
  4. You can research your product idea via email
  5. You can do a survey via email

Email is the new data and data is the new OIL. So pay attention to the new data in the 21st century and your basic problem of making $$$ will be resolved.

Until next time, have a good day, people

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Zeeshan 🎖

Amazing article as usual. I was using Revue but it got shut down sometime ago. Since then I did not find time to change to Mailchimp or any other service but now I'm going to do it soon 😀

shreyvijayvargiya profile image
shrey vijayvargiya

Ahh !!!, All the best 🙃