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Introduction to the best way to connect wallet in web3 apps

Under the Hood

Wagmi to Rainbowkit to Moralis Web3 it's interesting and inspiring to see #web3community also proceeding in reactjs.

RainbowKit provides the best way to connect the wallet to your #blockchain application. RainbowKit is flexible, customisable and scalable and extremely easy to use including installation.

They provide easy-to-inject wallet connect functionality, easy to extend the wallets list and wallets connectivity and easy to customise the authentication UI according to your need.

Adding the link to the detailed introduction to RainbowKit also they are using wagmi under the hood to deal with all kinds of services.
I am adding a wagmi story also to get a better understanding of what is wagmi and why RainbowKit is using wagmi.

It would be interesting to see RainbowKit providing extensive services or hooks to use with Moralis. If you don't know then Moralis takes care of all backend work so that we only have to build applications. Moralis is like Firebase but for web3 so hoping to see how we can use RainbowKit with Moralis to provide a better user experience.

Reference links -

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