Why you should share on dev.to (or anywhere else) what you know or just learn.

Rémi Lavedrine on August 11, 2018

Do you remember that post that you received in the Welcome e-mail from dev.to once you've registered? How t... [Read Full]
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Thank you! I totally agree with all of this. I've been writing my first articles and found a great satisfaction in composing them and really enjoyed the reception they got. Now I'm trying to finish one about very basic CSS and struggling to keep the conviction that it's worth something and the momentum to publish it. This really helped me ❤️.


I don't know CSS at all. So I would be happy to have a very basic start with it.
Waiting for your post then. :-)


That's it! It's coming out tomorrow for sure :D


I just recently dealt with this exact issue and ended up talking a bit about it in one of my recent posts.

Even if you don't think anyone will read it or someone else has talked about it, just having your unique perspective on something is priceless.

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