Do you care about your privacy? Maybe it is time to set up your own Dropbox.

Rémi Lavedrine on September 13, 2018

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Nextcloud is a very good one

nextCloud/ownCloud faces the issue that it can do a lot more than only file hosting, e.g. it has a calendar and a notes application, resulting in your server quickly becoming a single point of failure. I admit that it is a reasonably good file hosting service though.

Some alternatives I have stumbled upon during my own experiences:

  • File hosting: Pydio and the very good Seafile.
  • Calendars/Contacts: Radicale (supports both CalDAV and CardDAV synchronization).
  • Notes: To be honest, I have not found a good "self-hosted Evernote" just yet. For the moment, I work with org-mode, but, while the Android app (Orgzly) is lovely, the desktop version might not be suitable for everyone, especially since it is not WYSIWYG.

I'm using Seafile, never had a problem, the sync is faster then with Nexctloud. I use it to backup my photos from my Iphone and also to sync files that i need. In a nutshell Seafile is fast, easy and smooth to use

As per note taking and and personal documentation i use Bookstack, another awesome piece of software


Oh, thank you. BookStack is not entirely un-interesting... bookmarked. :-)


NextCloud (at least the NextCloudPi option) has backup features built in, both for files and the database.

It's trivial to set up secure backups. With NextCloudPi having basically zero hardware costs it's highly feasible to setup multiple systems and have them either federate (i.e. work like other cloud services) or use as off-site backup.


Yes, love the NextCloudPi options. Ownyourbits makes a really great job with it.
But I found Syncthing to be more light and that fits my need much better.


I've been using Seafile for years. I run it on a Linux server configured in RAID10, and it has all the clients that I need for my workflow. As Snowden pointed out, if you are storing your files on Dropbox et al, you might as well just mail them to the NSA. I would add 'even if they are encrypted'.


You could get nextcloud/owncloud running in minutes on a raspberry pi with a mounted usb stick using docker images for the app and the mysql instance if you don't already have it.

Using a letsencrypt cert and duckdns my raspberry pi is ssl-secured. You do not need a static ip address for this.


I use this for several years
It works perfectly on multiplatforms including iOS.


Yes, but as it proprietary code, I prefer to just move from it especially as Syncthing works that smoothly. :-)
But it is a very good alternative as I mentionned in the article (if you don't care about closed source code, which you should on that topic). :-)


I would also recommend Git-Annex instead of DropBox (I use *BSD on laptop and it works for me perfectly).

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