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I am using Ubuntu Budgie on a HP Spectre 360 for my personnal use.
I am only using applications that are cross-platforms.
My main app is Syncthing on a Raspberry Pi.
Thanks to that I have a Dropbox that I can use.
I am using Firefox as my main (and almost only) browser.
Boostnote to have a note taking app.
VSCode to do some great development.

Terminal and upgraded zsh shell to automate everything.

Gitkraken for git management.
KeepassXC for password management.
Thunderbird for email
Whatsapp and Wire for chat, that are loaded into my browser (so working everywhere).
Plex for everything media related (thanks to my Syncthing, I got almost nothing to set up. As soon as a new photo or movie is ready and uploaded, it is available on Plex).

And Linux only, I am using Darktable to manage my photos. And it is working absolutely perfectly.

With that, I can use Linux (that I really love) at home and MacOS for work. And from time to time, Windows when I really have to at work.

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