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That is indeed something that you have to think about.
The first thing I did at my new job was to create two meetings during all the morning on Tuesdays and Thursdays in order to Deep Focus work.
That way no one should put a meeting in the middle of the morning where I know that I am the most productive.

At the beginning of using Slack at my company, I was very happy to try it as everyone was talking about it.
We were 160 people on it, on very various teams working on a lot of different topics. And it became messy very quickly. And a day out of work would result in just feeling that you were out for a month.
And it was hard to focus a conversation as someone can just jump on your conversation in a channel and the topic just totally changed.

So knowing your tools, the way you use it and the way you don't want to use it (even if everyone in your organisation is doing it that way) is indeed decisive.

You just have to review your tools, the way you use it and indeed removing to ones that does not bring joy is a very good method. You can thing of it as a "less is more" phylosophy.

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