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re: "The JAMstack is effectively a movement away from servers." Nonsense. You call an API you use a server. You have an HTML page, there is a server. ...

The JAMstack ethos of moving away from servers, is similar to how serverless doesn't mean no servers. What this approach pushes for is a movement away from dynamically rendering content on a server and instead hosting content statically from a CDN. In that regard, it's a movement away from the traditional way of serving content server-side. So yes, you're right in that last sentence.

Also to your comment on HTML pages still living on servers, there is a distinction between a CDN and a web server. A CDN is about speeding up the access/delivery of your website’s assets to users by having a distributed network of edge servers. This is done by having your content live on the server as cached static assets. This is in contrast to traditional servers where 100% of content is rendered on the fly for every single request. Not only does this require a full round trip to the origin server to serve content, it also takes far longer depending on the user's latency and bandwidth.

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