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Discussion on: Java is Dead - Long Live Java

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Victor Homem Heck

Talking about IDE's, I used to code on VisualStudio, now when possible I use Rider, as it's from jetbrains and it's what i'm used to(I'm an Android Developer, so AndroidStudio).

My problem with visual studio and vscode are that they are bad out of the box (in my opinion), while Webstorm, Rider and IntelliJ are great out of the box.

But the main thing is: use what you like, there are no perfect IDE, there are many options, and some are better than others in certain points.

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John Peters

Yes indeed, I recently worked in two very large companies where Intellij was king. Here in Minneapolis, most of the really large banking and retailing operations are all Java shops; which surprised me, the .NET guy.

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Jan Wedel Author

I've worked with a couple of IDEs so far, Visual Studio (very long time ago), Eclipse, NetBeans, XCode and since 6-7 years, it's IntelliJ. It is just so well engineered, beautiful and fast, there is just nothing I can complain.

But, the IDE is just a tool. So whatever you're productive with is fine.

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You know the IDE is good when you hardly even have to type.