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Discussion on: Sell me your stack!

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Would you like it if I join you in your project tomorrow, you just hand me the code, and boom! productivity begins its magic that very day?

You won't need to tell me where to find shit. I know how things work because they will be (mostly) identical in all of the projects. Plus, if you use any weird trick, it will be documented as the documentation is extensive. The community is enthusiastic and most of the wildness has stabilized.

On top of all that, the language is just great.

If so, then my friend you should give Ruby on Rails a try for your next project.

Want a library to do some heavy lifting? You'll find tons of well maintained stuff.

Want to integrate any JavaScript framework? Even the new flavour of this month? Rails has native integration with webpack. Just do yarn add blahblah and get to work.

Want lots of people to help you out? Rails has a huge community, and lots of new people adding to that community every month thanks to plethora of tutorials and bootcamps adopting it.

Do you have any questions?