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Discussion on: Write a simple but impactful script

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i.e. the order is different.

But wouldn't this fail at times?

f.e. I have 3 elements in my array, [1, 2, 3]. Now the shuffle method only has six outcomes here, so there is a real possibility that the tests might randomly fail even if the code is correct.

Dependency injection seems like a better approach if you want to test it, but it makes code not as nice to read.

Trade-offs I suppose.

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Phil Nash

Aye, that's true. I was kind of thinking about it in terms of generating an array of 10000 items!

Writing testable code is a trade off, but probably worthwhile in the long run. Dependency injection itself makes for more and more flexible code without a great deal of extra cognitive overload, so I am a big fan of it at the moment.

This was a great talk from Sandy Metz that drove towards this point for a different reason too. I recommend a watch!