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Discussion on: Junior Developers Checklist for Landing a Remote Job

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May your internet connection always be stable! I lived in Hangzhou from 2012 to 2014 and connecting to the "outside" internet was a big issue, entrepreneurship for non-Chinese also a bit tricky. From what I've heard this is much better now, so I hope you'll get some sparks from the local dev/entrepreneur community and keep on experimenting ;) - I've never met so many people experimenting with their business ideas than in my time there!

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Carl-W Author

Hey! I was here during that time too! 2012 - 2013 that's so interesting, were you part of a startup community? I have been looking for that XD

The bandwidth these days are quite good, 150/150Mbit fiber line into most apartments but yeah, cross border website access is still very annoying. VPN providers do their best to keep us connected but it's still not good.

My job VPN got blocked by the government and I had to "unblock" it by myself actually, I wrote down my method here Split Internet Tunneling with SSH proxy so at least I can continue working T__T