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Discussion on: A web-based desktop environment

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shmuelhizmi Author

I agree it's really is a good idea for most developers to start working on a cloud-based IDE especially if your a node/web developer,
I also have a little project of mine called NotNotePad which is a web-based code editor (it currently is running completely on your browser FS so not exactly a cloud-based IDE) but I sure do have plans to add support for connecting to a server filesystem + terminal in the future.

the only problem for me and the main reason I don't switch yet to a cloud-based IDE is that I still do a bit of desktop and windows 10 specific development in my job.

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Mike Nikles

Very cool, with some of the latest web APIs to access the local file system, this makes a lot of sense. Well done developing NotNotePad!

You're right, there are some limitations to cloud-based IDEs. Also for native mobile app development it's not quite ready yet.

It's exciting to see the innovation in this space!