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Discussion on: 🤖 Brand New Engineering Open Positions - Week #26 of 2022

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Kamil Kwiecien Author

The idea about making posts more relevant to stack is not bad, and I think I will do it that way next time. I still think my post format doesn't fit listing. Even if I cut out half of it, it won't fit in the listing (it fits only 60-100 words). There are a few other disadvantages of listings, like no reactions and no comments.

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Michael Tharrington

Hey Kamil,

I'm a Community Manager here at DEV!

We can totally understand your point of view here and will take this feedback into account.

Going forward, if you're planning to share open positions, please do so under #hiring... this is our tag dedicated to companies that are hiring. I realize you aren't just hiring for a solo company, but I still think this would be the ideal tag to reach for. Please avoid using other subject matter tags, as I do think folks browsing content under these tags are expecting tutorials, editorial, etc. and not posts promoting jobs.

Please understand that you still might receive messages from mods asking you to use listings as this is how we've directed these folks to manage these sorts of promotional posts, but ultimately, I can understand why you are sharing these the way you are and you can continue to do so under #hiring.

Let me know if you have any questions or further feedback.