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re: Universally quantified types in C# VIEW POST

re: Hmm... there are multiple ways to do it. I don't like any of them. This might work: private static int SumWeights( IList<int> i...

You’re on the right track with your idea to insert something that prevents the generic-ness of getWeight from bubbling up to SumWeights. However, it can be done safely, without going around the compiler’s type checker via dynamic.

You can't pass a generic function as a parameter without having your own function be generic. Therefore you need to encapsulate it. Like in an interface. This would be the best design for your problem.

    interface IWeighter
        int getWeight<T>(IList<T> list);

But you want to pass a function as a parameter, so probably this ain't it. I have the feeling that whatever you're proposing will not sit well with me.

You got it. That interface is exactly what I'd suggest. You're still passing in the function, just with one level of indirection. It's a bit more verbose, but not too bad, I think. Nice work!

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