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Crying because of work

Being passionate about work is a good thing but being frustrated enough to cry at the walls and roadblocks that are happening every day is not.

The next stage is laughing.

I remember working to the bone at one of my jobs, being angry first at the inefficiencies, then crying about being exhausted and hating work, then laughing in the end because I probably lost my marbles. You should probably quit before you reach here.

I made it a point to make sure people who work with me don't contribute to this culture. People are really workaholic in Asia... I sometimes need to scold people for not resting when they are sick and tell them to chill because the work can be delayed or that other people in the team will help them pick up the slack. It is unfortunate that it's become a habit some people grow up with because of the unhealthy obsession with academic excellence here. It's also sad that some people relish in bragging about how busy -and important- they are.


"You should probably quit before you reach here." I'm not sure why this made me LOL.. probably because I'm already there. T_T

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