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re: Hi Manuel. As you are producer and consumer of the stories, my advice is: think about what level of documentation do YOU really need? For example, ...

Thank you Bertil for this (:

My problem is exactly what you described: stories as they are right now are perfectly fine for me. However, the sole reason why this holds true is that the whole lot of hidden assumptions I make are shared between the producer and the consumer, so to speak.

Therefore, although my stories are serving the scope right now, I don't feel like I am being a good PO, as I am fairly sure no one besides me could understand my board.

This is the reason why I was after some good resources/frameworks/book to help me discover and clarify what I am assuming without even being aware of that


Since you‘re looking for recommendations, one good source for a lot of Product Management ideas is Roman Pichler. Here’s an example: romanpichler.com/romans-books/agil... One trait of a good product owner is that she’s doing what’s necessary depending on context. As long as you’re the only consumer, lots of implicit knowledge is fine. If you want to communicate with others, it’s a different story.

Thanks again Betril, I'll definitely look into this (:

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