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Discussion on: Why Be A Full Stack Developer?

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Manuel Spagnolo

I call myself a full stack developer.

First things first: I do exist, despite what the web seems to say lately.

Why I think that my role is important? Because frontenders are mostly unaware of how deal with Axon in a Java Spring application and backenders have no clue how to cope with React Hooks. This makes me the first point of contact with business/product/management when sh*t hits the fan.

If someone who can deal with the unknown in no time is needed, that one is me.

At the same time, having a broader overview of how things work, makes me useful in meetings (any kind of meeting) and gives me the opportunity to give insight and different options to my colleagues which are more specialized than me.

Am I the best frontender of my team? No
Am I the best backender of my team? No
Am I the best devops of my team? No
Am I the best designer of my team? No

Do I want to be the best in one specific area of those? By no means.

I am a generalist and life is proving me on a daily basis that the world needs generalists. We really should stop lying and telling the myth of how useless a jack of all trades is, because that simply doesn't hold true.

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Max Ong Zong Bao Author

That is why you are unique in your own way due to your experiences and skills gained by being a jack of trades.

For me it is more towards that I tend to learn stuff widely.

Which leads me to persist in solving problems with whatever tools I have in my disposal or seek advice to help me in solving a problem.

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Alex B.

Not being the best at something doesn't exclude you from being able to help a colleague if he's / she's stuck on something too. That's the beauty of it and that's what people miss on most... Thinking outside the box!